Thursday, 25 November 2010

So far I've been pretty rubbish at updating this blog! Definitely time for an update. Some of the work I did during the summer was working with 3D modeller, Dan Ryan, on a small project involving designing and building 3 different types of buildings, with the idea that they would be used within a low poly video-game. I will eventually post up the final turnarounds and the finished models onto my website once they are finished, but for now here's some of the sketch book work I did when I was designing:

Designs for a local mini-mart, Town-hall and Apartment block
Here is a more finalised image of the townhall before I went on to make the turnaround.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Finally got round to making this thing, after 3 years of procrastinating. Instead of setting up this I've been doing an illustration and animation degree at Kingston University which I have just finished. We had a few exhibitions in London (by the name of Stick 'em up) during the end of our course and at which we set up shop stalls to sell our stuffs, below you can see some of my wares aswell as an A1 used to promote my animation throughout the exhibitions.